San Pablo Burgos - Real Madrid

Laso: “If we want to make the semi-finals, we have to win the three remaining games”

NEWS | 20/06/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero (Valencia)

“We have to move on and focus on Valencia Basket”, explained the coach.
Pablo Laso assessed his team's clash with San Pablo Burgos on match day 2 of the Final Phase: “They were a lot more focused than we were. We started pretty well but we weren't consistent and they got into the swing of things quickly. From there on, we were a bit up and down, we didn't dominate the rebound, and although it felt like we could score points, we failed to do so. We didn't have enough stability or focus to our game. We have to move on from this because we've got a match with Valencia Basket and we have to turn this around”.

“If you look at the numbers right now, the standings mean we have to win the three remaining games to make the semi-finals. I felt like there was a lack of concentration in the match because we made a lot of mistakes. It's a very open tournament, we knew that from the start and it's very tight. We weren't solid, neither in defense, nor offense. We seemed to slip in and out of the game”.

Valencia Basket
“It's a difficult match-up, like they all are, knowing we're in a wide open group, it's very tough and it's a single game. All we can do is focus on the next game against Valencia”.