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Entrevista a Trey Thompkins

Thompkins: "All I want is to stay at the best club in Europe"

NEWS | 12/06/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"I know what's expected of me and want to carry on helping us to win it all", the US-born player told Realmadrid TV.
Trey Thompkins sat down with Realmadrid TV in the wake of his contract renewal with the Whites. The power forward, who played a key role as the team captured the club's 10th European Cup crown and has lifted 10 trophies as a madridista, stated that: "This contract renewal is special. I'm excited, grateful and am just focused on winning. I've made some great friends with everyone here: the director of basketball, the team... For me, to be continuing at this prestigious club is special. All I want to do is continue at the best club in Europe".

"When I joined, I hoped to be here for a long time and play every game to my best standard. And that hasn't changed. At this stage, this has become a family club for me. I know what's expected of me and what's expected of this team: that we win it all. I just hope to continue to help out".
Final phase of league season
"Unfortunately we won't be able to play as we normally do, but as professionals, we have to be ready to play under these circumstances. I know that we're at one of the best places to be. I know that Real Madrid is doing all it possibly can to look after us. The time has come to prepare myself mentally to win".

La Décima
"It's one of my highlights. We were united and remained strong throughout the whole year. We were ready for the battle and we also got that slice of luck you need. To be champions in the best competition in Europe is what brought me most joy".


"I think that the team has to be proud that we've become a family and know exactly where everyone is going to be on the court so that everyone can do their own job. I think that explains why we've been winning so many trophies for such a time now. If you've got a group of players who achieve success once and repeat it, there's no reason why that level of success can't be maintained".
"My objectives remain the same: to win it all. The EuroLeague, the league, Copa del Rey and the Super Cup each year. It's the objective and is what's expected of us. They're the same objectives and same trophies".
"All Pablo expects of me is professionalism and that I'm ready when he needs me. I'm one of the players who's been here for a good few years now. He has confidence in my ability when out on court and knows what I can do to help us secure trophies. My job is to play better every year".
Life in Madrid
"Life here is amazing. The city, the weather and the people are fantastic. My family enjoy life in this city. I can go anywhere in Madrid without using a GPS, it's my second home. My daughter was born here and my son will be born here too. I've got a real bond with the fans and my Spanish is getting better all the time. I feel comfortable here".


Power Forward