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Entrevista a Pablo Laso

Laso: “The team will respond, they always show that competitive nature”

NEWS | 11/06/2020

“We've got a tough group and we'll have to be ready from the off", the Whites' coach told Realmadrid TV.
Pablo Laso spoke to Realmadrid TV with just a week to go before the team make their debut in the Endesa League final phase with a clash against Herbalife Gran Canaria (Thursday 18, 6:30pm CET): “Basketball is back. The slogan we keep hearing is 'back to win'. After the situation we've been through, getting back to normal is something everybody wants and for us, that means playing basketball. We can't wait”.
“It's going to be a different tournament. It's a final phase in which the champion will have to win it all inside two weeks, make it to the final with running left in the legs and try and avoid any injuries. The most similar thing are the national teams' European Championships. On a club level, it's all new and things like the schedule, run of form, injuries, will all have an influence. Several aspects can prove crucial in this kind of Final stage”.
The team's condition
“In theory everyone is fine. We've had a bit of everything over the last month, people coming in, going out, discomfort here and there... all normal stuff. Only Salah Mejri will be out because he's had a few things and hasn't been able to train. We've got Juan Núñez in, a young kid who was with us in pre-season and can help us out. I'm sure the team will respond because they always show that competitive nature”.

He called on the fans to maintain the enthusiasm they show at the Palacio.

“We're in a very tough group and every team has got a chance. We start out against Herbalife Gran Canaria, a team who have got better as the competition has gone on. I'm sure it'll be a real test, the first day back to it after three months without a game. It will be a difficult game. Then we've got Burgos, who have shown how competitive they are all season, and the same goes for Valencia. Zaragoza are having a great year too, and Andorra have a hugely physical side. It's a tough group and we'll have to be ready to compete from day one”.
“It'll be different without the fans there, it won't be your typical play-offs where the fans always play a big role. But we're sure people will be following us and I'd ask them to maintain the same enthusiasm they bring to the Palacio. We're going to go out there to compete from the off”.