Campus Experience 2020

The 2020 Campus Experience safety protocol

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NEWS | 04/06/2020

The Foundation explains the health prevention and safety measures in this video.
The Real Madrid Campus Experience will take place at Real Madrid's facilities between 28 June and 5 September.

The events will be held in line with a safety protocol and the following health prevention and safety measures:
-Constant review and adjustment in relation to government regulations.
-Additional hygiene measures across all campuses.
-Frequent cleaning of areas to be used.
-Immunological tests to be taken by participants and staff members.
-Statement and monitoring of absence of symptoms.
-Internal campuses cut off from the outside.
-Groups reduced to 15 participants.

Similarly, the policy regarding changes and cancellations has been made more flexible so that any unforeseen circumstances may be catered for:  
-Option to switch weeks at no additional cost
-Option to transfer place to 2021 Campus Experience at no additional cost.