Semana Blanca UEM. Sergio Garcia

Sergio García features on Day 2 of Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca

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NEWS | 19/05/2020

"Becoming a champion in golf involves a lot of work, but at the same time, it's what I love doing and I'm proud to have a career in it", declared the honorary Real Madrid club member.
Sergio García was a guest speaker on the second day of Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca (White Week), which is moderated by Emilio Butragueño, the club's director of institutional relations and the school's director general. The 2017 Augusta Masters champion and honorary Real Madrid club member replied to the students' questions and explained how to prepare yourself to become a champion: "It's easy but it's more difficult than it looks. Emilio, you as a former footballer know just how much you've got to train. It requires a great deal of work. People only see the good bits and the trophies, but there's loads of work and training involved. You spend a long time away from your family because you're training, but at the same time, you love what you doing and I'm extremely proud to have a career in it".

"My Dad is from Madrid and he's always been a really big Real Madrid fan. From a young age, we watched Madrid games together, I was always really into Real Madrid. I love sport and football in particular. I've always had a strong allegiance towards Real Madrid and then I've had the chance to meet the players and the president and be closer to the club. You've always made me feel very loved. It was incredible to take the honorary kick-off in 2017 after winning the Augusta Masters, it gave me goosebumps to hear the whole stadium chanting my name. I've always been a big Real Madrid fan and always will be".
"The easiest thing is to practise. That's the advice I can give you. Not everyone is able to practise in the way we do. Don't try and put yourself under too much pressure and enjoy your golf when you get to play. You sometimes see amateur players who put themselves under a lot of pressure and we do too and then you realise that when you're more relaxed, things start to come a lot more easily. If you're not able to practise much, that's the advice I'd give you".

You've always made me feel very loved at Madrid.

"Golf is an individual sport, but I've always loved team sports, like football. It's for that reason that when I play in the Ryder Cup, I perform so well because I enjoy the company of all of my teammates".

Ryder Cup
"It's probably in the Ryder Cup where you feel under great pressure because it's our leading tournament, but the way I feel about it is that you've got a group behind you to support you and wish you all the best and to give me positive energy. All of that always makes me feel more comfortable. When you play on your own, you always feel more lonely and I prefer that feeling of being part of a team".

Day 2
The second day of Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca kicked off with a talk given by Víctor Alfaro, the first-team podologist at Real Madrid. The second presentation was delivered by Israel García Álvarez, the club's director of digital strategy and Kike Levy, sports strategic partnership manager at Facebook.