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FIFA announces that competitions will be allowed to authorise five substitutions on a temporary basis

NEWS | 08/05/2020

The International Football Association Board has approved this amendment with the aim of "safeguarding the health of players".
FIFA has issued a statement announcing that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has approved a provisional amendment to the Laws of the Game which involves "allowing a maximum of five changes per team in those competitions that have already begun or are intended to be completed by 31 December this year. Each team will have three opportunities to make the five substitutions, which can also be made at half-time".

According to FIFA, "this transitional amendment will take immediate effect, as a large number of matches will be played in a short period of time and under different weather conditions than expected, which could have a negative impact on the health of the players. In any case, as the press release clarifies, "the organisers of the competitions will continue to have the power to decide whether or not to apply this transitional modification".