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The Delegate Committee of the Spanish Federation approves the resolution of non-professional competitions

NEWS | 08/05/2020

Castilla, the Under-19s and Under-18s have concluded their league seasons.
The Delegate Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has approved the proposed conclusion of the regular leagues in federative competitions without relegations, as brought by the Committee of Territorial Presidents on Wednesday and approved by the Board on Thursday. In the case of the teams from the Real Madrid youth academy, the proposals affect Real Madrid CastillaUnder-19s and Under-18s, who now conclude their respective leagues.

The approved proposal sets out: "those competitions in which the rules provided for a final phase or playoff, that phase will be played but in express format, except in youth categories where the season ends and promotions are applied". Thus, in Segunda B there would be a playoff between the top four teams of each group to decide the promotions. However, the RFEF adds that, "if for any reason the full complement of games scheduled in non-professional competition may not be completed, the Delegate Committee must come to a new agreement in order to establish the end of the competitions". According to the latest statement, "it has been agreed that the Committee or the RFEF Competition Judge will validate the positions of the different competitions in order to define the classification".

Regarding the youth teams, according to the statement, "the first placed in each group will be División de Honor group champions". Therefore, the Under-19s would be the winners of Group V of the División de Honor. In addition, the Federation announces that, if this proposal goes through, "the Champions Cup will not be played due to the significant risk to the health of players, in many cases, minors. Nor will the youth Copa del Rey be played". On the other hand, "in those competitions in which there is no final phase, the position of each team in the standings will determine the champion and the places for promotion or, where appropriate, participation in European competitions". In the case of the Liga Nacional Juvenil, where the Under-18s are competing, "promotions to the División de Honor will apply as in accordance with competition regulations, as well as from the territorial competitions to the Liga Nacional. The RFEF's Competition Judge will approve the final classifications".