Los entrenadores de la Fundación hablan sobre el valor del respeto

Foundation coaches discuss value of respect

NEWS | 23/04/2020

To overcome the current situation, it is highly important to respect the regulations laid down by the authorities.
This week, the Real Madrid Foundation coaches have sought to remind their students of the importance of showing respect. Respect is one of the educational values that is worked on during the football and basketball sessions and that must also be seen off the pitch to be a good player. In the current climate, we must respect all family members and also all of the professionals who are out and helping to resolve the situation.

The coaches have taken advantage of this period of time at home to work on this value in the following manner: "It's not a physical exercise of the kind that we do in our training sessions, it's mental exercise. Imagine what our world would be like if all of us respected everyone else. We show our respect and admiration for those who are working to fight against COVID-19 every time we lean out of our windows to applaud them, but we also show respect by complying with the regulations laid down by the authorities".

Activities alongside sport
In this regard, the road-safety education activities, which are rolled out along with Gonvarri, teach the traffic signs and rules in a fun way through sport. The recently held International Mother Earth Day placed the focus on respect and care for the environment, values which feature in several of the Real Madrid Foundation's programmes.

Education is essential to ensuring that we all enjoy a world that's more sustainable and respectful towards the environment.

Many sponsors and partners complement socio-sporting activities with training offerings to learn about this topic. For example, Ecopilas is working on the development of the school in Segovia, through whom it is promoting the recycling of batteries; Ecovidrio, who in addition to recycling glass containers has taken things a step further by 'recycling lives' in prison centres; and Ambilamp, which supports the inclusive football schools for minors on the autism spectrum in Madrid and the socio-sporting football and values for integration school in Jaén, where work is being done to raise awareness about the recycling of light bulbs.

Meanwhile, Signus is contributing towards the running of the socio-sporting wheelchair basketball school in Getafe. A major part of the recycled rubber, from worn tyres, is used to build football pitches and safety and sports surfaces, such as basketball courts.