Los beneficiarios de las escuelas de la Fundación en América aprenden desde casa

The recipients of the Foundation's schools in America learn from home

NEWS | 22/04/2020

The local coaches follow the philosophy of the entity by sending exercises remotely.
The Foundation's socio-sports projects around the world are on hold and both the social partners (entities, NGOs and educational centres) and the local educators of these projects have adapted to this circumstance. As in Spain, the aim is to continue to care for the recipients and their training in values and sport during the confinement stage.

In different socio-sports schools, the materials developed by the Foundation's Training Area have been adapted to different levels and recreational-educational activities. For example, the students of the school in Guatemala, which is being developed in collaboration with the Carlos F. Novella Foundation, have made drawings explaining that they stay at home and are taking responsibility. In addition, through videos they have shared how they wash their hands, a gesture that currently unites us all in the world and is fundamental as a first step to protect ourselves.

They have also carried out the exercises that the coaches have suggested to them to do at home, some challenges that are in line with the educational guide In the Real Madrid Foundation we all move! and the recreational-educational program Playing at home, playing with the family.

The aim is to combine physical activity with educational values.

This initiative has also been extended to social and sports schools in Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and Paraguay, with Cesal; Brazil and the Dominican Republic, with Salesian Missions; Argentina, with the Work of Father Mario; Bolivia, with the Alalay Children's Home; Chile, with the Friends of Real Madrid Foundation; Colombia, with the Revel Foundation and the Concívica Foundation. Similarly in Costa Rica, with the Universidad Latina; Ecuador, with CAF Nuñez, the Universidad UDLA, the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Cámara de Comercio de Ambato and the Fundación Cecilia Rivadeneira; Haiti, with Aymy; Honduras, with the Fundación Diuns; Mexico, with the Fundación Grupo Bafar; Peru, with the Compañía de Jesús; and Uruguay, with the Colegio Español Cervantes de Montevideo.
This allows students to follow physical activity routines during confinement, promoting educational values such as teamwork, motivation, responsible autonomy and one that is fundamental at home: healthy lifestyle habits.