La Fundación Real Madrid invita a marcar la X Solidaria duplicando la aportación en la renta a los fines sociales

The Foundation encourages people to mark a 'Solidarity X' to double their tax contributions to social causes

NEWS | 17/04/2020

By marking the box 'Social Interest Activities' and the Catholic Church, our solidarity is doubled.
For yet another year, the Real Madrid Foundation has signed up to the 'Solidarity X' campaign led by the Social Action NGO Platform. As such, we would encourage those filling out their tax returns to mark the boxes for General Interest Activities considered in the Social Interest, in order to help the most vulnerable in society through Catholic and non-Catholic organisations.
The tax return campaign allows us to multiply our solidarity, since as tax payers we can choose to donate a small portion of our taxes to a specific cause by marking one of the 3 following options on our return form:
• The box for Social Interest Activities that benefit the most disadvantaged groups in our society.
• The box for the Catholic Church, Spain's largest NGO.
The box for Social Interest Activities and the Catholic Church, doubling our solidarity. (0.7% + 0.7% = 1.4%).
Ticking the boxes is easy
This charitable donation doesn't see us pay more, or get less back, and as such, it's the easiest way to double our solidarity with those who need it most, by contributing to entities, the majority of which, but not all, belong to the Catholic Church and who look after vulnerable groups of people.
The Real Madrid Foundation collaborates with over 200 non-governmental organisations, regardless of their religious affiliation, to run its more than 1,000 socio-sporting projects around the world and look out for society's most vulnerable.