La Fundación Real Madrid recuerda que en estos momentos, todos somos un equipo

The Real Madrid Foundation reminds us to stick together as a team at this time

NEWS | 16/04/2020

The coaches have sent a message to the beneficiaries of the socio-sporting projects about the importance of solidarity.
Given the current confinement situation, it's particularly important we're all working on a fundamental value of the training sessions and matches played by the students of the Real Madrid Foundation: team work. Now, more than ever, families are a team too, and we all need to do our bit. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and our tasks, while helping others out wherever we can. This is the message of support and motivation the coaches have issued to the beneficiaries, aimed at helping them to apply the values learned at our schools to the current situation.
The Real Madrid Foundation methodology is based around instilling positive values through sport and the seven educational values which are used as a base from which to teach: respect, self-esteem, team work, healthy life habits, independence, motivation and equality. At the moment, society is one big team, and it's vital we respect and applaud others' work and help them by staying at home. Just like in a match, team work helps children to look out for all their teammates, and lend them a hand. They can show that same solidarity at home too, helping out wherever they can and not making life more difficult for others. Everyone has their role to play in making sure everything works, just like in a football match. 

The Real Madrid Foundation has various sponsors and collaborators, without whom its work would be essentially impossible. Organisations such as La Caixa, Fundación Mapfre, Endesa and Banco Santander are some of the longest-serving, alongside which the Foundation carries out its activity on both domestic and international levels. Others show their team work by organising charity tournaments, such as the one put on by the Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía which sees big law firms come together to support the madridista entity's diversity projects.

Spalding are another example, providing the balls for all of the Foundation's socio-sporting projects. Elsewhere, the Universidad Europea supports a sports physiotherapy program for rare and neurological conditions, as well as providing care for young people at risk of exclusion who are enrolled in the socio-sporting schools, at the University's clinic.