La Fundación celebra el Día Mundial de la Salud

Real Madrid Foundation celebrates World Health Day

NEWS | 07/04/2020

The focus this year is on the importance of establishing routines and carrying out physical activity to help to improve our well-being.
This year sees World Health Day take on even greater significance in light of the current situation that we are experiencing. Promoting healthy lifestyle habits is one of the essential values of the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting programmes, which are run both across Spain and internationally. The institution has drawn up a programme of exercises, activities and tasks in the ¡En la Fundación Real Madrid nos movemos tod@s! (We at the Real Madrid Foundation all move!) educational guidebook, which focuses on physical activity for those aged over 13.

After sharing eight tips to improve our psychological well-being during the current period of quarantine and the first activity in the Jugando en casa, jugando en familia, (Playing at home, playing with the family) series which seeks for participants to learn about educational values in a fun way, the latest instalment features a programme to carry out physical exercises routines.

Fitness programmes for various levels of experience
With a view to offering ideas and strategies to cope with this temporary situation in the best way possible by looking after ourselves, the organisation's training department has produced an educational guide entitled ¡En la Fundación Real Madrid nos movemos tod@s! (We at the Real Madrid Foundation all move!), which provides general recommendations and physical activity programmes for various levels of experience and a suggested cool-down activity. The programme can be completed alone, with a partner, with family or with children aged above 13. The guidebook represents a fine opportunity to share in activities and do healthy and physical activity at home. 

Physical activity improves self-esteem and lowers the risk of suffering from anxiety.

Regular physical activity provides a series of physical benefits, such as reducing the risk of suffering cardiovascular illnesses and high blood pressure, whilst it helps to control our weight and increases our muscle density, whilst it also offers psychological benefits which are so key during this period of self-isolation, such as improving our mood and self-esteem and reducing the risk of suffering from anxiety and depression.

This year sees the World Health Organisation dedicate World Health Day 2020 to highlight the vital role played by healthcare professionals across the world and seeks to raise awareness about their importance.