Nuevo programa de actividades telemáticas de la Fundación

Foundation releases latest round of online activities

NEWS | 30/03/2020

This fun, educational initiative seeks to see the youngest members of our society learn about family values through sporting activities.
The Real Madrid Foundation has designed a programme of exercises, activities and tasks to share with the participants enrolled in its socio-sporting programmes during this period of quarantine. The second pack that the pupils have been sent is the introduction to the fun, educational programme entitled Jugando en casa, jugando en familia (Playing at home, playing with the family), which seeks for learners to explore the Real Madrid Foundation's educational values in a fun way by taking part in sporting activities with family members.

After receiving eight tips to improve on our psychological wellbeing during this period of isolation, the Real Madrid Foundation students have now received the second instalment of this training provision. In an effort to make this time with our families as pleasant as possible, the Training Department has devised a series of activities and games that can be played at home with children aged 5-12 years. These allow the youngsters to enjoy sporting activities with the family in an educational and fun way, whilst, at the same time, promoting the social values developed at the Real Madrid Foundation.

First game
The first section of the programme features an introduction and the first game, which is called La galaxia de los valores: 7 valores, 7 retos. (The values galaxy: 7 values, 7 challenges). The game involves seven challenges related to the seven Real Madrid Foundation educational values: respect, self-esteem, camaraderie, autonomy, motivation, equality and healthy lifestyle habits, which is this week's challenge and one they will have to overcome with the help of family members. The challenge represents a fun way of raising our awareness of the importance of following a healthy diet and increasing the time we devote to physical activity.