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The values of the Real Madrid Foundation: healthy living habits

NEWS | 25/03/2020

Everything learned during the physical activity sessions can be transferred to the daily routine.
The methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation is based on training in positive values through sport and the seven educational values used as a basis for teaching are: respect, self-esteem, companionship, healthy lifestyle habits, autonomy, motivation and equality. In these moments when one should not leave home, health is taken care of in a different way than usual, but it is one of the keys to overcome this situation in the best way.
Both in the Foundation's social and sports programs for adults and youths, regular physical activity has physiological and psychological benefits. Examples of this are the reduction of the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, the control of overweight and blood pressure, or the increase in bone density. It also improves mood and self-esteem, reducing the risk of anxiety and depression. Gestures such as washing your hands well, coughing into your elbow, eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, or getting hydrated often are learned in socio-sports schools around the world.
International scope
There are many programmes that serve vulnerable children around the world, and their complementary activities include nutritional inputs and health care. This is possible thanks to the support of specialised social partners such as the Indian Institute of Mothers and Children in the school of Calcutta. On a national level, thanks to the support of sponsors such as GSK, Ipsen and Janssen or Genesis Care, the elderly have access to training talks on active aging with the aim of providing them with a better quality of life. In addition, with Fundación Sanitas, people with different abilities are cared for so that they can do quality sport without their physical or mental condition being a barrier.