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Lorenzo Sanz con su hijo

Lorenzo Sanz: "My father's passion for Real Madrid was extraordinary"

NEWS | 22/03/2020

Lorenzo and Fernando Sanz and Míchel Salgado remember the former Real Madrid president.
Following the passing of Lorenzo Sanz, messages of affection and condolence have come flooding in. His family would like to express their thanks for the support and have shared their memories of him during his time at Real Madrid. His son, Lorenzo Sanz spoke to Realmadrid TV: “It's a tough time for the whole family and for all of madridismo. He'd be thrilled to see all the appreciation he is receiving. It's nothing short of what he deserves for all he did for both Madrid and his family".

“It's a very tough time… I would not wish the way in which my father on anybody. We'll pull together all our strength to speak to and respond to everyone. I have 500 messages to get back to. People's messages of support have been incredible. It's been so hard not to have been able to give my father that support during these last few days. We've been doing it from afar since we couldn't be by his side”.

“What he achieved as Madrid president is clear for everyone to see. But he's my father, so he meant so much more to me than just his spell as president. He considered Madrid as one of his children. I've been going to the Bernabéu every Sunday for as long as I can remember. His passion for this club was extraordinary. He helped out all he could, first as an executive, then as vice-president… He became more and more important on the basis of the passion he had for the club. Everything else came second, because Madrid was like his family too”.

Fernando Sanz: “I'm grateful for this appreciation of my father”
“He was a humble man who dedicated his life to Real Madrid. He had so many virtues, and I'm not saying that just because I'm his son. It's comforting to receive so many affectionate messages. I have only words of gratitude for this appreciation of my father. The situation we're in makes it all the more painful because we weren't able to be with him at the most difficult time. He has received praise for his love for his family and those around him. He instilled those values in us”.

“All the players have expressed a real love for him because he was a man who really left his mark on the club. I remember when Madrid took to the streets after the European Cup. I'm overwhelmed by all the messages of support we've received. He wasn't simply a father, he was an example who led not just his family, but many people besides".

Salgado: “What I feel for him is far greater than words can say”
“I've lost a family member, he was almost like a father to me. He was the one who put his faith in me and the reason I was able to fulfil my dream of playing for Real Madrid. Later, something even greater happened, when I became part of his family and part of his life. All I feel for him is far greater than words can say. I'll always remember the times we spent together”.

“I have so many anecdotes. One of my fondest is the day of my unveiling at the club, because he said I was going to stay for a long time. And so I did, said and done. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life and one of the most significant I lived alongside Lorenzo. The two Champions Leagues we won are unforgettable. Lorenzo was a person who gave you the belief to keep progressing. He always said finals weren't there to be played in, there were there to be won”.