Más baloncesto en la escuela sociodeportiva de Ambato

More basketball at the social-sports school in Ambato

NEWS | 18/03/2020

Developed in collaboration with the Cooperative of the Chamber of Commerce in Ambato for more than 300 children.
The Real Madrid's Foundation socio-sports school in Ambato (Ecuador) offers children from 5 to 17 years old the possibility to practice football and basketball every day in a unique mountain environment. The venue offers all the conditions for the simultaneous sports practice of the 360 participating boys and girls.
The Foundation's training team carried out a training session between 3rd and 5th March to broaden their knowledge of the Foundation's methodology focused on basketball. The school's coaches and two guest coaches from a school in Ambato took part. All of them were very active and contributed with different ideas that allowed for a very enriching exchange of experiences. The coaches evaluated the course very positively and took away knowledge that could be applied in their daily life at school.

The coaches participated in a course about the Foundation's methodology

During the training session with the students, it was possible to see that the children are very much aware of the values that are transmitted in the Foundation through football and basketball because of the orderly, responsible and respectful way in which the training sessions are carried out. A playful learning environment and a closeness between coaches, students and the project coordinator.

In this project, the children have the possibility of arriving by bus, playing sports for about 90 minutes and returning home by the same means of transport, with the support and management of their coaches. The space also offers changing rooms, a children's play area and clean, fresh water that is always available.