La Fundación Real Madrid fomenta la planificación deportiva en Togo

The Real Madrid Foundation promotes sports planning in Togo

NEWS | 16/03/2020

The social-sports school of football and basketball takes place in the city of Lomé with Salesian Missions.
The methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation is constantly evolving to guarantee education in values through sport. In it, the planning and evaluation of the contents and objectives fulfilled, adapted to the different circumstances of each program and location, takes on great importance. In the last training course that took place between 19 and 21 February, the Foundation's training team travelled to the school in Lomé (Togo) to develop a course focused on learning how to design training tasks where the tactical-technical content was put into practice together with education in the positive values of sport, and to become aware of this importance of planning and evaluating training.
The socio-sports school in Lomé was founded in September 2015 with the collaboration of the Salesian Missions and currently accommodates 610 children at the Don Bosco Akosséwa Youth Centre. All of them are young people from the neighbourhood who come from family backgrounds with low resources and a high degree of vulnerability. The aim of the school is to give the participants the necessary tools to develop in society and improve their living conditions. In the capital area, nearly 50% of the population lives below the poverty line and its economy is essentially based on the informal sector.
Type of activities
Some of the activities of the Salesian training centre are aimed at alleviating this situation and training young people in qualified jobs that will allow them to have greater personal development. Some of these activities are school reinforcement classes, workshops on health and safety on the playing field, socio-cultural and environmental protection activities, snacks and nutritional support, computer classes and talks on the importance of personal hygiene.