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The Madrid Football Federation's Board of Directors concludes all its competitions

NEWS | 10/03/2020

The measure affects 10 Real Madrid academy sides, from the Under-17s to the Under-8s.
The Madrid Football Federation's (RFFM) Board of Directors met this Saturday for an extraordinary session to unanimously agree to "definitively suspend, and as such, conclude all RFFM competitions as of the point at which the state of emergency was declared". This measure effects 10 Real Madrid academy teams:Under-17sUnder-16s, Under-15s, Under-14s, Under-13s, Under-12s, Under-11s, Under-10s, Under-9s and the Under-8s.
In a statement, they also announced they will, "propose to the Delegate Commission to be convened in urgent fashion, the approval of modifications to be made to the regulations for the 2019/20 season as follows: promotion to the next category for those teams which, at the time of suspension of the competitions, were situated in the promotion places, and the cancellation of relegations across all categories".