Real Madrid - Asvel

Laso: “I'm pleased with the team's attitude, the hard work and the win”

NEWS | 05/03/2020

“We're looking for the best position going into the play-offs so every game is crucial”, commented Carroll.

Pablo Laso and Jaycee Carroll assessed Real Madrid's win over Asvel Villeurbanne on Euroleague match day 28. The coach reflected: “We know how demanding the Euroleague double-headers are. We came into it after a game in Málaga on Sunday, the trip and all that in Milan, and then today. We knew it was a tough game and we lacked a bit of freshness. If you miss 10 free-throws and lose 17 balls then it's difficult but we must give Asvel credit because they've competed very well all season and they showed why. They play with real energy but we did a lot of good things as well to come through the game. I'm pleased with the team's attitude, work and then result".

“We have to recover physically and we've got players out who I hope can get back into training. We have to look forward. There are still six Euroleague games to go and we hope to secure home-court advantage for the play-offs”.

Academy graduates
“They're first-team players and I appreciate their efforts. They've got a long way to go but they're doing a great job. I don't like to gift them playing time, they've earned it. Nakic was key to us in terms of fresh legs and he really helped out. Garuba's energy was key in the second quarter as the game was becoming difficult. I'm very happy with both of their efforts and they're as important as any other player”.

Laso: “Nakic and Garuba are working very well”.

“Laprovittola has had some very good games. I don't only assess them on points or assists. He's had two good games now but I think he played even better at Asvel in the first game. It was a tough match for everyone today but he reacted very well and I'm pleased”.

Reyes' importance
“Nobody doubts what he gives us when he's on court. He's always so positive, he gives it everything, he always has. He was crucial during the spell he played alongside Garuba, giving us improved defensive solidity, rebounds, and one-hundred percent effort”.

“The problem isn't that one guy gets injured, it's the strain it puts on the rest and others coming back from problems. They need time to ease back in and get up to speed but they're working well. There are different injuries but the strength of this team is that everyone can contribute and that's pleasing”.

Carroll: “Every match is important for the play-offs”
“Asvel are a physical team, very tough, they play with a lot of contact. We struggled but we kept going until we were able to put it to bed at the end. They defend hard and have talent up top. We were good for certain spells. Every game is important as we look for the best position in the play-offs”.