Renovación del convenio de colaboración entre la Fundación RM y Signus

Signus becomes Real Madrid Foundation partner

NEWS | 02/03/2020

The used tyre management system will contribute to the sustainability of the wheelchair school in Getafe.
Signus has become a new Real Madrid Foundation partner. This link-up will contribute to the sustainability of the socio-sporting wheelchair basketball school in Getafe. The executive vice-president of the Real Madrid FoundationEnrique Sánchez, and the club's director of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueño, welcomed Gabriel Leal, Signus's general manager to the Santiago Bernabéu to sign the collaboration agreement.

Butragueño reflected on the significance of this partnership: "Through the recycling of tyres, Signus contributes towards the sustainability of the planet and is now doing so with the Foundation's projects because educating people about recycling is vital". Meanwhile, Signus' general manager commented: "We're working on environmental education across several different projects. Raising awareness about the advantages of the circular economy through sport offers us an opportunity to bring ourselves closer to the youth population. We've got to point out that the applications with the biggest consumption of recycled rubber, which come from unusable tyres, are the material used for football pitches and security and sports surfaces, such as basketball courts".

Respect for the environment
Signus, the collective management system for used tyres, takes its place alongside other bodies involved in the circular economy that also collaborate with the Foundation's projects. Values-based education through sport at the socio-sporting football and basketball schools promotes a respect for the environment, which is key when it comes to building a better world.