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Real Madrid - Barcelona

Courtois: "We made a difference in the second half"


NEWS | 01/03/2020

"We are happy, every effort has its reward", said Valverde.
Thibaut Courtois played his 50th league match with Real Madrid in the Clásico. The goalkeeper, who once again made some impressive saves, had this to say about the victory over Barcelona: "At 0-0 in the first half it was important not to concede any goals. When it was my turn I made good saves, like against Arthur and Messi. Then in the second half we were better and made the difference".
"After our last results we have continued to work well. I think we played better in those games but we didn't win, football is about small details. Today we got the win, also with the help of our fans, which is key and they have been incredible. We did very well along with the fans".
Keys to the victory
"Against Barcelona you can play in two ways: get into the area and defend or press and risk as they play out. We did the latter very well. Winning a Clásico is always good. We are ahead but we can't forget that there are 12 games left. Next week we visit Betis and if we want to win LaLiga we have to win there too".


Courtois has hit 50 league games for Real Madrid in his second season at the club. In his first second he played 27 games in the league and in this term, he has played 23. His has been key for Real Madrid as they have conceded the fewest goals this LaLiga campaign and remain undefeated in LaLiga at home.
Valverde: "We must thank the fans for their support"
"We are thrilled. This effort we made has its rewards. I want to thank my teammates and the fans for all their support tonight. This is down to everyone and we are all pushing for the same outcome. We turned it around after that tough loss. This was a chance to change things.”

Zidane told us to go one on one but that meant that each player had to battle hard and not give the ball away. I think we showed our best on the pitch. Being a Real Madrid player you have to try to win all the trophies you can. Today was an chance to show people around the world just what Real Madrid stands for.”