Real Madrid - Panathinaikos

Laso: "I'm pleased with the win and everyone's contribution"

NEWS | 24/02/2020 | Eduardo Bueno

"We had the feeling that we were controlling things for large spells of the match", declared the coach.

Pablo Laso reflected on Real Madrid's victory over Panathinaikos in the following terms: "It was a very tough game in every sense. We came into it on the back of a couple of really emotionally charged weeks and tough matches and today we might have struggled to really get a grip on the game. However, I've got only good things to say about the boys and how all of them did their bit. I'm pleased with the win and the contributon from all of the players. Panathinaikos is one of the EuroLeague's great teams, its got decisive players and we managed to limit all of their numbers and secure an important win".

"Without producing a great performance you had the impression that we were solid in offense, the same goes for our defense. Our worst spell came in the second stanza, when they scored and we missed some easy shots. But we had the feeling that we were controlling things for large spells of the match".

Mickey injury & rotation
"We'll have to look at it. It looks like it was a bad sprain and he'll have to undergo some tests. As a bit of a joke, we said to each other what a starting five we have on the sidelines (in reference to the unavailability of Llull, Causeur, Taylor and Randolph). Meanwhile, it speaks volumes of the team. All of the players understand that they have to be ready at any time and are capable of coming on and making a contribution. That's a source of pride for the coach".

Tavares's 200 matches
"He's a special player. He's a focal point on the court. The team has to find him and he has to find the team. I'm delighted about his appearance tally because he's really important for us. We hope that he continues to improve as a player because he has loads of potential. The work he did defensively and in offense tonight was really significant, he gave us great solidity. He was decisive".

Tavares is a special player and he's got loads of potential to keep on developing.

"Causeur ended training with a bit of discomfort and we tried to wait on him until the last minute but he wasn't up to playing and we ruled him out. I don't think it's anything serious and he'll be back and training with the team soon".

Current form
"Brilliance comes on the basis of solidity. The team's solid and we had some moments of brilliance in offense and defense, but we have to think about continuing to improve. That solidity gives us confidence and we're doing the important things, those that you've got to do in basketball, really well".

"We have no doubts about his improvement. In European basketball he had to improve his outside game and play in the number 3 role, where he can really dominate. Tonight he was up against Papapetrou, a player with similar characteristics and is capable of asserting his physical attributes, but he showed he could read the situtations really well. We're really happy with his progress".

"He's had a season that's been really draining. He does well virtually every day and that speaks volumes of him. He gives us that energy and control, which is very important for us, particularly in view of the number of games he's played. We have to keep an eye on that".