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Unicaja - Real Madrid

Laso "I congratulate my team on a magnificent weekend"

NEWS | 16/02/2020 | Edu Bueno (Málaga) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Pedro Castillo

"The defensive solidity came above the accuracy today", added the Madrid coach.
Pablo Laso spoke at a press conference after winning the Copa del Rey against Unicaja at the Martin Carpena. The Real Madrid coach analyzed the work in the three matches: "I want to congratulate my team for a magnificent weekend. When you arrive at this tournament where the eight best teams are, it seems that everything is forgotten. The first thing is to try to get to this competition, that is not easy, and then to win it. The match against Bilbao Basket was the most complicated".
"The work of the coaching staff has been magnificent because without those people we would not have arrived here. I am proud that today my players went out with a lot of energy. They speak very well of the group and we have won the Copa del Rey. I'm very happy with how we were able to compete in all three games".
The defence
"With regard to today's game, we've been solid, especially in defence. There were times when they could have got back into the game, but solidity came before accuracy. It was in the second half that we were more successful and little by little we opened up the scoring".

I'm proud that my players came out with a lot of energy today.

“We’re involved in demanding competitions and a tight schedule. It’s tough to maintain the competitive level at 100%. You can’t take the result for granted. You have to work hard to make sure the team come into these games in the best physical and mental shape, among other things. I’m lucky enough to have a great team around me”.
“We’ve got the kind of faith in Jaycee that means we trust him to take the last free-throw in the final seconds, knowing he’s going to score. He exudes confidence with his work on a daily basis and we have not doubt in his professionalism. He’s been hugely important for us”.
19 titles 
“It reflects very well on our competitive edge during that time. At the end of the day, all I can demand from them is a competitive edge. I have only positive words to describe my team. That is an unnegotiable element. I’d like to dedicate this title, apart from to my family, to the working group. They deserve that recognition”.
“It’s my duty to reinvent myself every day with tactics in defense and offense. I have to adapt to the players I have to get the very best out of them. We know what the schedule is like and I’m always telling them we have to be positive and improve both individually and as a team”.