Laso: "We're going to have to play a very good game to beat Valencia Basket"

"I always try to help the team but the good thing is that we don't depend on just one player to win", explained Llull.
Pablo Laso, Sergio Llull and Fabièn Causeur spoke to the media before the Copa del Rey semifinal match against Valencia Basket (Saturday, 6.30pm CET). The Whites' coach said: "In tournaments as short as this one it's normal that when you win you have a boost of morale but every game is different. The two previous ones against Valencia Basket this season are not good for much, as it happened against Bilbao Basket. We have won both games on our home court. There will be tactical things that you take forward but they are different competitions and matches. I try to convey to the team that they are ready from the off".
"The team looks good, it's solid. We have some normal physical problems knowing that tomorrow we will play a difficult game. Rudy's better. We knew he was coming in a bit short because of the adductor thing and he had a setback. We'll see how he is today and tomorrow. If you ask him, he'll tell you he's ready to play".
Opponent in the semifinals
"Valencia Basket is a very solid team. Right now they are in Euroleague playoffs and in Liga Endesa they are competing very well. Yesterday they played a great match against Barça. They are very confident and despite the injuries of Van Rossom and Lloyd they are showing a very good team game. Ponsarnau is a great coach and is making them a very recognizable team. To beat them we're going to have to play a very good game".

Causeur: "To win the Cup you have to know how to fight like we did in the quarterfinals.

"Not only do I like to see Llull like yesterday, but the whole team. He had a very important moment with the 3+1 and the other treys but, above all, the feeling that he was very active. For me his defenses were as key as the points he scored. The confidence we have in him is always very high. He can have good days and bad days but he is a very important player for us".
Llull: "We are looking forward to playing the semifinal"
"We're happy and looking forward to playing the semifinal. Yesterday I felt comfortable and confident. I'm trying to help the team but the good thing is that we don't depend on just one player to win. It wasn't that bad before and it's not that good now. It's a game that went well for me. The Copa del Rey is special and we really like playing it".
Collective work
"Valencia Basket is in great shape. They play very hard and aggressive and we are going to have to play 40 minutes very solid. They played a good match yesterday and that's the beauty of the tournament, that if you lose you're out".
Causeur: "We have to follow our game plan"
"It will be a very open game. They showed against Barça that they are a great team and are in good form. They have a lot of scoring ability and we have to be very solid and play as a team. Besides, they are very confident".
"We've beaten them twice this season and to win the Cup you have to know how to fight as we did yesterday in the quarterfinals. We have to think about ourselves and follow the game plan. Give our best on the court. When teams play against Real Madrid, they are always extra motivated and you have to be prepared for that. In the important matches the team usually responds".