Laso: "If we want to win the Cup we have to win in three finals"

"We can only think about Bilbao and be prepared for a very difficult game", he explained.
Pablo Laso spoke in the press room at the Real Madrid City basketball pavilion a day before the quarter-final match in the Copa del Rey against Bilbao Basket (Thursday, 9:30pm CET). The Real Madrid coach said: "We know that this is a special competition, a title played for in four days. Tomorrow's match is a final. If we want to win the Cup we have to win in three finals. We can only have Bilbao in our minds and we have to be prepared for a very difficult match".
"The pressure is on us.  We aspire to always be competitive and to win every match.  This is in the team's DNA.  The only thing I think about is that it is a very demanding and difficult match.  Bilbao's season is magnificent and they are there on their own merits".
Demands of the Cup
"The Cup is open and demanding.  When the time comes, every team is ready for the match.  Everyone makes their predictions, but it's very difficult to get them right".

It's a competition that I really like and it' s special to me.

"You have to refrain from making assumptions and it would be absurd to think that one year the Cup is more or less demanding. This year, like every year, there is a cast of teams that will compete at the highest level".

"Everyone has trained normally. The situation is normal at this point in the season. Randolph has a slight overload after the injury and Rudy has some problems with his abductors. Everyone has little things but, in theory, the whole team travels without problems".

Meaning of the Copa del Rey
"It's a competition I like very much. It's a very demanding basketball tournament in which the best teams come together in four days. The Cup is a special competition for me; I've experienced it as a player, a fan and a coach. It's a tournament that has something special. Every Cup is different and you experience it in a different way. My focuss is that we should be able to compete very well".