Entrevista a Rudy Fernández en Real Madrid Tv

Rudy: "I could never have imagined winning 17 trophies in eight years"

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NEWS | 20/01/2020

"The highlight of my time at the club was the first EuroLeague, which we won here in front of our fans", the forward told Real Madrid Conecta.
Rudy Fernández was the special guest on Realmadrid TV's Real Madrid Conecta show as he reflected on his time at the club in the wake of his recent 
contract renewal: "I'm really proud to have taken the decision to have come here and experience all of this with Real Madrid. I couldn't have imagined that things would work out so well. All of the coaching staff, the president and the players who have been at this club, have always guided us to fight for silverware on all fronts. It's true that we have lost some finals, but we've also won many of them. I could never have imagined winning 17 trophies in eight years".

"Each trophy is very special, but it's true that I'd single out the first EuroLeague crown. We'd lost two finals in a row and were lucky enough to reach our third one here in Madrid, in front of our fans. To lift a trophy that we'd been so keen to win was incredible. My priority was to win trophies, but the EuroLeague in particular and I've now won two with Real Madrid".

"When you win so much silverware, the demands are massive. When things aren't going well, there are a lot of people wanting to see Real Madrid perform to its best. We face a really demanding season and sometimes your physical capabilities let you down. Age takes its toll on your body, but the backing from the fans at the Palacio sees you summon that energy from nowhere. Connecting with them makes me happy and I'm proud to have been linked to this club for eight years now".
Atmosphere within the roster
"We see more of each other than our own families. Those are the demands of being at a top EuroLeague club. There are good and bad times but the atmosphere within the team sees you carry on and makes everything easier. You've got to be ambitious on the court, but not for yourself but for the team. When everyone's pulling in the same direction is when you win trophies".
"Pablo is one of the coaches who's developed my game and particularly on a mental level. We've been together for many years and know each other well. He's a great coach and person".

Connecting with the El Palacio faithful makes me feel proud to be part of this club.

"Llull is the team's driving force. He embodies what it means to wear this crest on your jersey. When he takes to the court, he's the first one to defend the crest. He's there in the good times and the bad. He loves this club and shows it every time he takes to the court".
"He's a legend and not just a Real Madrid and Spain legend, he's a legend in everything. He's the captain and everything that he's achieved here isn't within everyone's reach. I've been lucky enough to have him as my captain and he's taught me loads, and as a person too. To be performing to his standard at almost 40 is enviable".
"He's a real machine and has bags of talent. It's impossible to defend against him, what with all of his offensive ability. He's a legend in this Real Madrid team. The four of us who've been at the club the longest have experienced this change within the team with all of these triumphs. The basketball department, headed up by the president and with Juan Carlos Sánchez, has assembled a team to continue to win trophies".
Tokyo Games
"I'm open to the possibility of representing Spain at another Olympics. I've spoken about it with everyone at Real Madrid and I've never had any problems when it comes to making decisions. Real Madrid has always supported me when it's come to making decisions and I want to thank the club for that trust. As long as I'm in a good place mentally and physically, I will want to continue winning trophies with the national team, which is also one of my families".
How he'd like to be remembered
"As a player who was committed to the club in the sense that I was there to offer the coach and the team whatever they need. What's seen me develop as a player and be the player I am today is the ability to adapt to the team's needs and being there to offer help to whoever has needed it in the tough times".