Rueda de prensa de Ramos

Ramos: “Ambition is important in a final”

NEWS | 11/01/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Jeddah) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero/Antonio Villalba

“We are going to have to focus against this tough rival if we want to win the title”, said the Whites' captain.
Sergio Ramos addressed the media at Al-Ittihad club's training ground ahead of Real Madrid's final training session prior to Sunday's Spanish Super Cup final against Atlético (7pm CET, 9pm local time). The captain spoke of the team's desire to secure the first silverware of 2020: "One of the most important things is to have that ambition, never tire of winning and keep that ambition that we've had for many years alive. It's a reward to be contesting another final and we're up against opponents that we now and who deserve to be here. We'll have to be disciplined, make as few errors as possible and try to take the trophy". 

"This is the kind of game where you the fine margins can either punish you or can see you lift the trophy. We're showing really good balance in our defensive play and the team benefits greatly from that. We'll be looking to hurt Atlético and when you study them, there are a lot of ways to do so. The chance to win a trophy is motivation enough, without having to think about our previous meetings". 

Fine individual form
"I'm enjoying a good spell in my career and feel younger by the day. When you're performing well, the team benefits from that. I hope to steer clear of injury and that I can perform to my best so that we can have than defensive balance and keep clean sheets".

Praise for Zidane
"He's proved that he's an excellent coach and I've always said that. As time goes by, he's learning, just as I am. I work hard every day to improve and I imagine that's the same for the coaches too. He continues to offer his strengths, which are hard work and professionalism. We haven't changed, we're just the same. When you work hard and put the effort in, the results end up coming your way. We're in better shape fitness-wise and have a better grasp of how we have to play. We've hit upon that balance before we were expected to".

Finals against Atlético
“I look at previous games and how many we won. I hope we can keep it up. They are a tough team, they battle until the dying moments. They have a top coach and some great players. We are ready to fight to the death to win this thing.”
Five midfielder system
“When you have so many players in the middle, you get more possession. With more forwards the game can be more direct. We control things well but we could be more direct. We can vary things depending on the rival and that is good because we can do more damage. It is all up to the coach, he is handling it all so well”.

We are at a good level and we want to keep that up as long as possible.

“I don't think that it is a case of disrespect with Zidane because the press are all about opinions. He has a hard job in selecting 11 players for each game. He knows the team better than anyone and he do what he thinks is appropriate. We are on a good run regardless of what happens. We are at a very good level and we will try to keep it up as much as possible. We want to perform in these games, have control of the game and be successful in front of goal”.
“I like to talk about my own team more than our rivals. They are a tough team and we know the complexity of tomorrow's match. If we focus on the small details and try to minimise damages that will be good.”
“I don't like the word enemy as it's an ugly word. There is a real rivalry. I don't see any team like Atlético as our enemy. They are our rivals and we want to win against them as there is a title at stake.”
The goal
“Real Madrid works with what it has. The team, in spite of the losses, are clinching results and we will do all we can to try to get some goals, regardless of who plays. I don't think we are in a goal drought. Maybe at some points we have been. We want to be in all competitions right until the end”.
The new Spanish Super Cup format
“The format is down to the Federation and they have organised it well to reboot the competition. This year it helps us because before it was just the LaLiga and Copa champions. Let’s see what happens next year. It has not changed the calendar at all and we have had great reception since we arrived. If this helps the clubs and the Federation economically, we should not look at it in a negative light”.
The reception in Saudi Arabia
“We feel really loved by the fans here and we appreciate it so much. Real Madrid are an international team and Real Madrid are appreciated wherever we go. It would be great to win it for the Real Madrid fans so they can enjoy it here and throughout the world.”