Valencia - Real Madrid

Zidane: “The team is working hard to be playing at this level"

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NEWS | 08/01/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Yeda)

“We should be happy with the performance, but we haven't won anything yet”, said Zidane.
Zinedine Zidane assessed Real Madrid's win over Valencia (1-3) in the media room at the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah: “The team is working hard to be playing at this level and it's great to see the dynamic in every single game. In yesterday's press conference I said we had to be at our best, and I don't know if we were, but we're pleased with the performance”.

“I'm happy with how everyone played, it's difficult to pick one above the rest. I'm thrilled for Isco getting his goal, he needed that recently; Kroos' inventiveness was fantastic, and Modric's effort, that's his speciality. It's what a manager wants to see, for his players to be in great shape. We should be happy, but we haven't won anything yet. We have to rest now, and tomorrow we'll start preparing for the final”.

Five midfielders
“We could have played with more wide players, but we chose to use Isco and Modric inside to give the full-backs more freedom. It was an offensive line-up, but the most important thing was how we played in the opposition half, pressing high and causing them problems”.

I'm thrilled with Isco's goal, Kroos' inventiveness and Modric's goal too, it's his speciality.

“In the second half, we went about things well. We always look for different options and that’s that. Things went as we wished today but the next game will be different. It was a great game”.

Bale's return
“At the moment he is not ready, he did not train this week. We have to speak to doctors, but the important thing is what the players did and we’re happy with the game”.           
“He played well despite not scoring. He had a chance to scored, he worked really hard. It is hard when you have not played for a while but his hard work is crucial. I’m sure he wanted a goal, but the most important thing is his hard work, he gave his all and we’re a team unit”.

Isco’s great performance
“I am happy for him. He didn’t look weighed down whatsoever. They are all doing well and we want to get them all up to that same level. We need to keep that up. Every time a player gets on the pitch and puts in a good shift, it’s a positive for the coach”.