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Zidane: “The most important thing is our motivation to play against Getafe”

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NEWS | 03/01/2020 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“We've come back in good shape physically and we're focused on what we have to do”, added the Real Madrid boss.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City on the day prior to their LaLiga clash with Getafe. The Whites' coach began by wishing all the journalists in attendance a happy new year, before going on to assess the opening encounter of 2020 at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez (4:00pm CET): “The battle for LaLiga goes on, but the most important thing is the motivation we have to get back playing. We're back and focused on what we have to do. We haven't worked on anything specific. We've returned in good shape physically, the players look good and with real hunger to play”.

“It's tough to pick up points in every game, because we're up against opposition who are playing well, so the key thing will be to give it our all. Real Madrid's strength is giving it 100% on the pitch and we can be happy with what we're doing, although we can improve and will do our best to do so in 2020”.

“They're performing at 10 out of 10 at the moment. They play at full throttle and are close to the Champions League spots, having a fantastic campaign. They've got a great squad, they are performing well and are well-placed in the table, which is no mean feat. They're doing a great job”.

New year games in recent years
“I don't know why we haven't won them. All I can tell you is that we're in great shape physically and training well. We want to get back playing and our motivation is through the roof. We're going to try and change that figure”.

Wishes for 2020
“I've stopped wishing for things. All I want is for my team and coaching staff to keep improving professionally because that's exactly what we'll need. Competition is greater every year and titles are played for at the end. Our work on a day-to-day basis is the most important thing and I hope we can continue our fine run because we were playing some very good stuff. I hope we can all keep improving”.

Getafe are having a fantastic season, they give it everything on the pitch and are close to the Champions League spots.

“Failure would be not trying or failing to give it our all. The crucial thing is to train at 100% every day and give it everything in every game. Only one team can win LaLiga and another the Champions League. The important thing is to give it everything we have and we've got the opportunity to do just that in our attempt to win titles”.

“I'll be counting on every player, that won't change because it's how I see football and I've got a very deep squad. Some will play a lot, other will see less game time. Rotations depend on many things and I'm only thinking about tomorrow's game. We've got two or three players out and I'd rather have everyone available, but it's a long season and I'll need them all”.

“In terms of his position and what he does on the pitch, he's a key player and he's showing he wants to play, like everyone else. It's important that every time they get a chance, the players perform and they are well aware of that. I can relate to Isco because of where he plays and I like the way he sees the game”.

Lack of goals
“I don't think it's a problem. There are some games where you create chances but can't convert them and that's what's happened to us in the last couple of matches. The key thing is to keep working to score goals every day. Sometimes you have to be relaxed and I think we are. Tomorrow we've got another game to try and find the back of the net”.

Hazard's injury
“He's 100% out of the Spanish Super Cup. He won't come with us, he's working on his recovery at the moment. I hope that soon after the Super Cup we can start to see him back with us”.

Brahim and Mariano
“It's important to speak to everyone because there are players who aren't getting many minutes and that could be a problem. Everyone is here, they're training well and anything could happen until the 31st of January”.

The schedule
“We adapt to the schedule we're given and we have to be ready. So we have to rest up when we get the chance and do things properly. We must be well prepared and we know it's a tough schedule because there are loads of games for Real Madrid and the national team".

Champions League or LaLiga
“We know how hard it is to win the Champions League because it's full of the best teams in Europe but LaLiga has a lot of matches and I think it's pretty difficult to achieve. The only league title I've won came against Málaga on the final day and that shows how hard it is to win it. The Champions League is very tough as well”.

“He plays for another team and the key thing for him is to get back playing as soon as possible, I wish him all the best”.