Nueva formación de fútbol y valores en Reino Unido

New formation in football and values in the UK

NEWS | 11/11/2019

The Foundation's socio-sporting school and Kinetic will reach 100 children in danger of exclusion.
The training team from the Real Madrid Foundation travelled to Croydon (United Kingdom) to give a new Football and Values Training course for the coaches-educators of the socio-sporting school that takes place in the south of London. Since 2017, a project has been developed in this location, in collaboration with Kinetic Foundation, with the aim of contributing to the integration of youths at risk of social exclusion through team sport and its positive values.
During the course, coaches reviewed fundamental aspects related to the inclusion of values in training sessions. The school's coordinators attended the III Conference on Football and Values held at Real Madrid City, and this course focuses on aspects such as the inclusion of values through training tasks and the planning of contents in the long and medium term.
The socio-sporting school is located in Croydon, in the south of London, one of the most populated municipalities and the one with the most social and ethnic diversity, where one in five children under the age of sixteen live below the poverty line and one in four is overweight. Football serves to attract young people and bring about changes in their perceptions and attitudes towards their studies, school attendance and further vocational training. In addition to training sessions and values, it provides a space for study and support where participants feel safe, have the opportunity to solve problems and learn in a non-judgmental environment.