Zidane: "We know how difficult it is to play in Éibar but we're ready"

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"I really value keeping clean sheets because it means that the whole team worked for it", said the coach.
After the last training session before the LaLiga match against Éibar in Ipurúa (Saturday, 6:30pm CET), Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City and analysed the meeting: “Every match is difficult. Maybe in Eibar it’s more so, because it’s a very different field from the others, smaller. We know the difficulty, but there is no easy game in this league and you cannot say that we are going to have it easy in any match. We are ready to put in a good performance, knowing the opponents”.
“We’re going to prepare for it although we have only had few days, but we’ve done it. It’s a different field with a different team that plays differently on their field, because they play in one way at home and another away. We will see how we’re going to play, I’ll not tell you, but we are prepared for it and we hope that we will put in the performance needed tomorrow”.
Clean sheets
“I value them a lot, that’s why I talk about them after every game and I mean that. A clean sheet means that the whole team worked for it, the least we can try to do is keep a clean sheet. Then every game is different, I always say so, and we have to try to play well and score goals, this is what we are going to try to do tomorrow”.
Valverde and Rodrygo
"I'm not surprised. I think they are both there to demonstrate things and that is what they’ve been doing lately. I speak with them from time to time, because they are players who have an environment, a family, they are also well protected by the club, by the people who work here. My role is to talk with them from time to time, especially at work because they have a lot of quality and future, but if they work hard, they will improve. They are young players and have a lifetime to learn. In the end there are 25 players in the squad and I have 25 starters. Every game we have to choose and that is what I will always do”.
The venue for the Spanish Super Cup
“We are here to play. The Federation has made the decision, we will respect that and now we have to think about playing, that’s it. Those from outside control things and are the ones in charge of preparing the matches”.


“I'm not going to tell you what Marcelo has because I don't have permission, but I know it's a small thing. We did what had to be done and it’s not much. We are a little calmer with Marcelo”.
Injury in the international break
"It is unavoidable. I hope nothing happens. It’s true that a lot of things happened in the last break, but I hope nothing happens. They go away with their international teams, it happens and when they return we will have everyone available”.
Saving Modric
“I will never say that about a player. Modric's role is going to be important here. It’s true that he has had discomfort and irregularity, but Modric is Modric and when we have eight games after the break, we will see what we are going to do, but we need Modric”.
Bale, James and their international teams
“They’re not available, not when they are injured. They are on the field, but they are not available to play. They are not available, they have done some work on the field, but they are not prepared to play. They have not trained with the team. A player who does not train with the team is not available. They will go with the international teams and then have 5 or 6 days to see if they are prepared to play with the teams or not. They are going to evaluate it. It’s not a technical decision. I just said that players haven’t trained with the team, and when you don't train with the team you can't play”.
Benzema and the French national team
“He has always wanted to play with the national team, then the same thing always happens, I don't know exactly what it is. In footballing terms, he is the best, therefore he would have a place in the French national team, in footballing term there are no doubts.
“I’ve said nothing, just what the player said, that his dream was one day to play here. Everyone does what they want. I’ll not say anything else. I simply said what the player said one day, that his dream would be to wear the Real Madrid jersey. I say it again and I would say it every day. I have nothing more to say about Leonardo, I can say whatever I want.