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Rueda de prensa de Pablo Laso

Laso: "We have to play better away from home".

NEWS | 06/11/2019

"In the Euroleague the level is so high that everyone can compete and win", Randolph said.
Pablo Laso and Randolph spoke in the preview to the Euroleague match between Real Madrid and Red Star in Belgrade. The coach said: "I'm not so worried about the pavilion, I'm worried about the fact that we're doing well and that we're playing a good match. Without playing well and without a good match you can't win in the Euroleague".
"The competition is very demanding and we are obliged to play better than we have done in previous away games. We can't allow ourselves to be in the game by pulling and we have to be more consistent if we want to win away in the Euroleague. We're having more consistency at home but we need to find it away from home to win".
The opponents
"They are a very physically demanding team and put a lot of pressure on the ball with very aggressive players. They have a lot of versatile players, an outside threat and it's a complete team that's competing very well. From Kuzmic we were all left with a very good impression when he was here and had bad luck. I'm glad he's back on the pitch".
"He doesn't surprise me because I've been seeing him for a long time. Garuba has that special something that great players have. Can he play in the league? Can he play in Euroleague? Can Doncic play in the NBA? The great players know how to adapt and how to adapt their game to the demands".

Laso: "Red Star is a very physically demanding team.

"He gives us a lot of things, we are very happy with his attitude and his work, but I also think it would be stupid of him to think he has it all done. I think he's got a lot of room for improvement and he's got a long way to go.
Randolph: "Red Star is a tough and athletic team".
"In the Euroleague you play the continent's best teams, night after night. All clubs are more competitive this year and the level is so high that everyone can compete and win. We must be prepared for this. Precisely because we have experience, we know that we have a long season ahead of us and we must work hard and stick together to keep improving".
"Red Star is a tough and athletic team. They press the ball to cause losses from the opponent. We have to take care of every possession and move the ball well to avoid that pressure. To win in Belgrade we'll have to do our best".


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