Entrevista a Fede Valverde

Valverde: "When I pull the Real Madrid shirt on, I always get that tingle"

NEWS | 04/11/2019

"When you represent this crest, you can't rest on your laurels, I want to win every competition going with this team", the midfielder told Real Madrid Conecta.
Fede Valverde was the special guest on Realmadrid TV's Real Madrid Conecta show as he reflected on his career and spoke about what it means to be a Whites' player: "It's incredible to be playing for such a massive club and one with such a rich history at the age of 21. I'm full of desire and will keep on fighting to lift trophies. When I was a child, I dreamed of playing here and winning the Champions League. I'm now just trying to make the most of the opportunities I get, listen to the advice from my teammates and just enjoy the moment". 

"When I pull the Real Madrid shirt on, I always get that tingle in my stomach. I don't think that should ever go away. It's special. I recall an incident before the Atlético derby game. The coach had named the line-up and I was in it. Casemiro came over and asked me if I was nervious and I looked at my hand and it was shaking".  

Memories of starting out
"What I most enjoyed doing was playing in the street with my friends. That's what made my happy and was the most fun for me. I then began my professional career at Peñarol. I was at the club from academy age and also have special memories of it. The time has flown by. Never did I imagine that I'd end up playing at a club like Real Madrid. I'm now just trying to keep on improving and making the most of this one-off chance. I'm the only one who's responsible for keeping this dream going and let's hope that it never ends".
"It was excellent. I came into the dressing room at a time when we'd won a lots of Champions League trophies and the fact that you're welcomed in just like anybody else is a big satisfaction, it fills you with pride and joy. [Luka] Modric and [Toni] Kroos looked after me from day one and that's been really pleasing for me. Nowadays we share jokes together but at the start I held them in great esteem. Because of the way they give me advice and treat me, I see them as big brothers. They're role models and I'll forever be grateful to them".

I'm the only one who's responsible for keeping this dream going and let's hope that it never ends.

"I learn from all of them. Every player has their own story within the club. They all offer advice and are willing to listen to me. I really admire Casemiro and will always be grateful to him. He's like a father figure. Training with my teammates is good fun. I always mention Sergio [Ramos] on account of his strength as the captain and being the voice of the leader, whilst always having a smile on his face".
"I remember when I was named in the team. I couldn't believe it. I didn't understand a thing. I was going to make my debut. I came on and Marcelo scored. I'll never forget it and that has to serve as a motivator for me".

First piece of silverware
"It's special. The Club World Cup was the first one and it'll be the first of many. I won a trophy with people that I'd watched years before on the television. I'd love to spend many years here and win a lot of trophies, both for the club's sake any my own".

Real Madrid in Uruguay
"The club is seen as something that can't be explained and is unobtainable. It's really hard for a Uruguayan to come and play here. When I take to the pitch it's as if 3 million people are out there with me. There are many Real Madrid fans in Uruguay".
"He helps to get the best out of me and for me not to hide away and to go and prove why the coach plays me. I thank him for the advice he gives me, just as I do the rest of my teammates. I'm delighted that [Zinedine] Zidane has good things to say about me".
"First and foremost to continue to grow as a person and a player. When you play for this crest, you can't rest on your laurels. I've won a Club World Cup and want to win all of the competitions going. There's still a long way to go".