Real Madrid - Betis

Ramos: "There was contact made with his hand, but the ref decides"

NEWS | 02/11/2019

"His hand was far away from his body so for me it's a penalty", stated Courtois.
Real Madrid clinched a point against Betis at the Santiago Bernabéu which Ramos summed up as follows: “We knew today was a big chance to go top and it did not work out. The team battled hard for the win from the first minute. We couldn't finish our chances but our attitude and defensive work were both great. Betis are a team that want to keep the ball and it is hard to win these days. Getting a point is bittersweet. It is good to get something but this was a chance to go top”.
“You cannot go for 90 minutes at the same pace. From the first minute we were intense, pressing high, getting the ball and keeping possession. After that we took a step back, we could not get a goal and there were moments of play decided by VAR which we can't dwell on because it's pointless. There was contact made with his hand, but the ref decides”.
“It is getting harder and harder to beat any rival. Today Levante won against Barcelona and that shows you cannot take any game for granted regardless of the opposition".

Ramos: "There was contact made with his hand, but the ref decides".

"That competition makes our league the best in the world and we feel fortunate to play here. We have to try and do the best we can because the slightest mistake can send you dropping down the table”.

Courtois: “You always have to win at the Bernabéu”
“We had a lot of chances and we could have won it but in football, you don’t win games if you don’t score goals. You always have to win at the Bernabéu if you want to lift the league title. It’s a missed opportunity but we have to keep going. We put in a good performance but lacked the clinical edge we showed against Leganés”.

Possible penalty
“Handball is a tough one to call. When the ball touched Bale’s hand in attack against PSG they blew up for it. When it happens defensively, they’ve explained the criteria and if the hand is close to the body and not in an unnatural position, it’s not a penalty, but his hand was pretty far from his body today. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the criteria is and it was puzzling that the referee didn’t go and have a look at it. On the pitch I wasn’t particularly surprised because VAR tells him if he needs to go and see it but now, having seen the images, I’m a bit surprised. It’s 0-0 and we can’t change it now but for me, it was a penalty”.

His form
“When you’re one of the best goalkeepers, a lot is expected of you. Madrid is the best team in the world and they demand a lot of every player and I accept that challenge and work hard to handle it. It doesn’t come off in every game but the team looks solid. The goalkeeper’s position is unique, I’m not going to worry about the opinions of people who have never played in goal. I’m focused on helping the team. I’m training hard and I feel the support of the team and the coach. Outside things don’t affect me”.
“He looks great to me. It’s a shame his goal was ruled out, he gives us a lot and I hope he can start scoring more goals soon”.