Real Madrid - UCAM Murcia

Laso: “We were patient and worked to win the game at the end”

NEWS | 19/10/2019

“With a tough calendar, everyone will be important; today Llull was great in defense”, explained the coach.
Pablo Laso spoke about the win Real Madrid got over Obradoiro at the Fontes do Sar, which means they are clear leaders at the top of the League: “We were hot and cold and had little continuity throughout the game. We made some errors that allowed them to get back into the game. We should not have made such errors, but in general we were patient to work the game well and go all the way. We came back from the Kaunas game and had to play again in less than 48 hours. We had to make rotations. I am happy with the win.”
“We need to get accustomed to this kind of schedule. We have a lot of games in a row but that is simply not an excuse. In this kind of clash, we needed to keep moving forward. Our rivals did well and we still have to improve some aspects. We knew it was going to be hard out there. Obradoiro kept their identity well and they play well. Today they have played brilliantly in most aspects of the game and came back after going behind.”

Garuba has a lot of energy and played a well rounded game.

“My players do not surprise me, I see them train every day. I know what Garuba can do. He is a player has so much energy throughout the game. Apart from the 13 rebounds he made, he is good in defense and had an all-round game. He is young and we value his growth. Perhaps he will have a future in the team.”
Squad rotation
“With such a tough calendar, everyone will be important. Laprovittola was brilliant but we must demand more from all of our players. Today, if there was one standout player, I’d say Llull for his defending of Magee. He was great and kept him out of the game. At key times he made great baskets for him and his teammates.”