El Programa Anual de Fútbol Educativo de la Fundación llega a Jerusalén

The Foundation's Annual Educational Football Program comes to Jerusalem

NEWS | 18/09/2019

The first course will have 100 players from the Jerusalem School.
The Real Madrid Foundation has unveiled its Annual Educational Football Program which will take place in Jerusalem for the first time this season, with the support of the Council for the Financial Development and Growth of Jerusalem. To coincide with the campus and clinics training team's first visit to select sports personnel, an event was held with the General Consul of Spain in Jerusalem, Ignacio García-Valdecasas, and the Secretary General of the Board, Samer Abdelrazzak; who were welcomed by the staff and students of the Jerusalem School in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Beit Hanina, the base for the program. 

There were interviews with the centre's coaches, who will be charged with taking the three intensive training days planned for this season in the area. This first meeting allowed the sports personnel to get to grips with the basics of the Foundation's methodology and receive early coaching, something which will become a regular occurrence, with monitoring and weekly tests. The first course will be attended by some 100 players, with plans to reach up to 350.

The program is an addition to the Real Madrid Foundation's largest clinic, which was held last summer in Jerusalem, teaching more than 2,300 young people football and values for four weeks.