Football and values training course staged in Republic of Congo

Around 120 children will benefit from the programme, which is run with the support of Misiones Salesianas.
The Real Madrid Foundation's international trainers have travelled to the Republic of Congo to oversee a series of training days at the institution's socio-sporting school in Pointe-Noire, where the project is run in collaboration with Misiones Salesianas, who has acted as the foundation's social partner in the country since 2012.

The Real Madrid Foundation's methodology has to be instilled in the staff working on the project so as to enable them to work within the framework as a part of their weekly activities with the participants. The course builds on and updates knowledge of the Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte (For a REAL education: Values and sport) model. The training sessions were attended by the staff who work directly with the children and other professionals working in the social sphere across the local area.

The socio-sporting school consists of a comprehensive project run in a neighbourhood with high levels of unemployment, a lack of educational and health provisions, as well as problems with the supply of drinkable water and electricity. The almost 120 participants are studying at the professional training centre and come from family situations in which there are financial issues, unstable work situations and they are part of broken or single-parent families or may be orphans. In addition to the sporting activities, the children receive school support classes, food after training and attend workshops relating to issues of health, hygiene and children's rights.