Renovación de Tavares con el Real Madrid hasta 2024

Tavares: “I'll put my heart and soul into clinching many more wins”

INTERVIEW | 27/06/2019

“Laso is the perfect coach because he's a winner”, said the center upon his contract renewal.

Walter Tavares will continue to pull on the Real Madrid jersey until 2024. . The Cape Verde-born ace gave his first interview to Realmadrid TV, expressing his delight at his contract renewal: “I want to be here for a long time and I'll put my heart and soul into clinching many more wins. I'm going to try and give it my best at all times, even more so given our amazing fans”.

  1. How does it feel at such a special moment?

    - It means a lot for me, knowing I was lucky to start playing basketball. And coming here and having won so much in two years, and I hope to win more, that's something which motivates me more.

  2. What does it mean to keep being part of this club?

    - It means so much to continue here. Being here for two years, even though I knew it was a big club, you realise just quite how impressive it is. To be alongside these teammates, who fight to the final moment, and give it their all until their final breath. It's a source of pride to be with them and help this team.

  3. What does Real Madrid give to Tavares?

    - Humility and a desire to improve every day. Every game is a final because our opposition make it so difficult. That's made sure I'm ready to play every game as if it were my last.

  4. And what does Tavares bring to Real Madrid?

    - I try and do everything I can and to be as focused as possible, putting in the highest intensity. Whenever I'm out on court, I try to make things happen.

  5. You arrived in November 2017 and you've been involved with an incredibly successful run. What's it been like from the inside?

    - Inside we only talk about winning and winning, because this is Real Madrid. Defeat is not permitted even though we know it's inevitable. Defeat is never in our minds and we try and win every single game and work as hard as possible. On the other side, we breathe the ambition to want more every single day.

  6. How has Laso contributed to your success, and that of the team?

    - For me, he means an awful lot because he's a coach who really pushes you, and expects you to give it your best in every game, ensuring you're improving all the time. For Madrid, he's the perfect coach because he's a winner, he's obsessed with the details and has ambition to win and push us to the limit to win trophies.

  7. How would you explain the value of the fans and the role they play in your successes?

    - I'm surprised because they already had a song for me just a few months in. People support me in the streets and in games. They show me real warmth and trust and that means a lot.

  8. Your country and your family are always close to your heart.

    - They're proud of me. Just mentioning Madrid is huge for my family. And my mother always sends me photos of when we're playing, she follows all the matches. My wife is there at every game.

  9. A message for madridismo….

    - Thank you so much for the support and for wanting me here for so long. I'm going to put my heart and soul, everything I have, into clinching many more wins. I'll always try and give it my all, even more so with you behind me.