Sexta edición de la Copa Alma Europa

Sixth edition of the Copa Alma Europa

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NEWS | 26/06/2019

It takes place in Felcsút (Hungary), home to Real Tanoda, which carries out the Foundation for the Ferenc Puskas.Academy.
The Real Madrid Foundation are involved in the sixth edition of the Copa Alma, taking place this week in the same place as the first edition back in 2014. Students from socio-sporting schools in Spain, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Romania, Portugal and Russia, along with new members Ukraine and Bulgaria, met in the Hungarian town of Felcsút, home to Real Tanoda Academy. The hundreds of children betweentheages of 12 and 15 who took part in the multicultural experience of sport and values, shared an experience and a passion: football as a common language.

The sessions began with an integration tournament in which the participants from the different delegations were mixed, with a child and a coach from each country, with the aim of transmitting the values of motivation, respect and equality. The activity facilitated coexistence and understanding among everyone, despite not speaking the same language.
Foundation’s working Philosophy
Coaches and coordinators of the socio-sporting schools have also travelled to ensure the correct transmission of the Real Madrid Foundation’s working Philosophy, emphasising the learning of values and how to transmit them on the field. In addition to playing football, the students completed different activities, including a visit to Budapest and a musical performance among the participants.