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Llull: “We keep winning titles, which is important"

NEWS | 21/06/2019

“At Real Madrid we fight for each other, that’s what makes us a team", said Tavares.
Sergio Llull shared his thoughts on being champions of the Endesa League 2018/19: “Personally I have had two bad years but we keep winning titles, which is important. What matters is the team, we all have to play our part to try and help the team and do positive things, whether that is playing or supporting, the physios, the coaches, the doctors, all the people behind us. We all pitch in and win titles”.
Causeur: "We could not let the league slip away"
"This is special because we suffered for it. We had a great year, getting to the finals and clinching the title, getting this trophy. We need to enjoy this now because it was a tough year. We could not let the league slip away and this win is for the whole team. We have won so much, we enjoy it all, and our coach helps us and brings us together. Lifting this title at the Palau is truly special."
Reyes: "I'm thrilled to win another title"
"I am thrilled, really thrilled to win another title. The key is to win, with these teammates everything has been much easier. Things can go well or badly, but the key is to create a good atmosphere in the locker room and so that everyone is happy, positive every day. All this effort and sacrifice brings plenty of rewards."
Rudy: "We played a great series"
"Losing is part of the journey here, but it is true that after the Copa and the CSKA game we were so up for the league title. We played a great series and we gave it our all today. Winning at the Palau makes it truly special."
Tavares: "At Real Madrid everybody fights for their teammates"
"I am delirious. Today I wanted to get 10 rebounds, because Barcelona are so good at rebounds, and they have been throughout the whole series. With the big rebounders we have, we had to change that. At Real Madrid, everybody fights for their teammates, that's us. The other day was a tough one, we lost, but with confidence and hard work we knew that the it would be fine".
Carroll: "It's a win for the whole team"
"The second game and today’s game were gruelling, because two days ago we were so close. Today, other players have come out, out in a shift and fought for the trophy. It's a win for the whole team. The three in the second match I will always remember fondly, I will enjoy this new title with the whole team, it is my fifth league win".



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