Laso: “We're ready to win the first game with the Palacio's support”

NEWS | 14/06/2019

“We're on a good winning run but we're starting from scratch in this play-off against very tough opposition”, he added.
Pablo Laso spoke to Realmadrid TV about the first game of the League play-off final against Barcelona, set to take place on Saturday (9:00pm CEST) at the WiZink Center: “We're working brilliantly and we're competing well in every game. We're on a good winning run but we're starting from scratch in this play-off. It's a final, a play-off tie against very tough opposition. We're ready and convinced we can give it everything we've got, and with the fans' support, we're sure we can take the first game, which is what we'll be hoping to do”.

“We have to take in the whole journey, that's the beauty of getting to the final. We've racked up a huge number of wins this season and feel extremely competitive, despite problems which crop up over the course of the season. It reflects very well on this group but now this final starts from scratch. We're up against a difficult, very consistent side with great shooters and who are strong on the rebound. We have to be ready to change our mentality and aware we'll have to give it our all”.

The fans
“We've won the Palacio and home-court advantage after being crowned champions of the Regular Season. We know what that means, it's hugely important because we feel well-backed at the Palacio. We might end up with a fifth game here but right now we're only thinking about tomorrow's game, hoping it'll be a great atmosphere and that they will cheer us on. We hope we can respond to that and take the first point in the tie”.