Real Madrid - Valencia Basket

Laso: "The team has remained very competitive throughout"

NEWS | 10/06/2019

"Reaching the final speaks volumes of the work from the team and that makes me proud, but we don't won't things to end here", stated the coach. 
Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso reflected on the Whites' win in Game 3 of the playoff series and the side's qualification for the league final: "I place great value on the fact that we've managed to reach the final, because it speaks volumes of the work from the boys and all of the coaching staff. We've had some good and some bad times but the team has remained very competitive throughout and that makes me proud. We don't want things to end here. We're now going to focus on the final".

"Valencia is very tough opponents and all the more so on its floor. Despite our dominance, they created good shooting situations with Dubljevic and Sastre. However, we kept our cool and the rotations were important. We come away with a win that we knew would be very difficult to achieve. We were made to suffer in the first half of Game 3 of this semi-final against Valencia Basket. We clearly struggled in one-on-one situations, but we solved that and went on to dominate the match".  
Praise for Rafa Martínez
"You've got to take your hat off to Rafa for the job he does as a player. We're friends and I really respect him as a professional. He's a great guy and I'm pleased about all the good things that have happened to him and am sure there are many more to come. The ovation he got tonight doesn't do him justice. I think that the fans would have liked to have clapped him for longer. I wish him all the best and just hope that he doesn't do us much damage when I come up against him again".