El programa para personas sin hogar realiza hoy el último entrenamiento para la Spartan Race

The homelessness program carries out its final training session ahead of the Spartan Race

NEWS | 03/05/2019

Last week they were visited by Álvaro Arbeloa to encourage them ahead of the challenge.
Following three months of hard training, the 16 participants in the Real Madrid Foundation program for homeless people have completed their final training session ahead of this Sunday's challenge in Los Ángeles de San Rafael.
The program aimed at providing physical activity for the homeless organised by the Real Madrid Foundation is run across three venues with almost fifty participants, in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross, the Madrid City Council and the Padre Garralda Foundation. The aim of the project is to aid homeless people's state of mind, emotional development and socialisation, complementing the comprehensive care programs provided by the social services and NGOs which take care of material needs and temporary accommodation.

The participants in the test will be residents of the San Blas Interim Care Centre.

The beneficiaries' involvement in challenges such as the Foundation's charity race or the Spartan Race are milestones throughout the season which serve as motivational targets. The participants in this test will be the residents of the San Blas Interim Care Centre run by the Red Cross alongside the Madrid City Council.
Álvaro Arbeloa pays a visit
Last week, Real Madrid ambassador Álvaro Arbeloa visited the participants in the challenge - 14 men and 2 women - to offer his encouragement and train alongside them for a session. The former player explained: “What the Foundation is trying to do, is to translate sporting values to everyday life. Values like hard work, respect, sacrifice, teamwork and comradery”.
The project is financed in part through the support of the fans, who can get involved by buying tickets to the Sorteo de Oro raffle at this link: https://www.cruzrojamadridsorteodeoro.es/fundacion-real-madrid