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Laso: "We're looking forward to the start of the Final Four"

NEWS | 15/05/2019

"You have to enjoy the moment and try to do your best to achieve the goal of lifting the title", added Reyes.
Pablo Laso and the squad spoke to the club's media after the last training session prior to the trip to Vitoria, where the Whites will defend their Euroleague champions title. The Whites' coach said: "Seven Final Fours in nine years is something that speaks very well of the club. Our daily job is to push for that to happen. The Madridistas can be very proud because Real Madrid is a team that fights and that is in the finals because we work hard".
"You go through these days looking forward to it, to start the game, to win and to celebrate it. That’s normal and it's good. That feeling of anxiety. We have to try to get the team to arrive in the best form, knowing that the desire to play is inevitable".
"I've shared thoughts and chats with the coaching staff beyond the tactical and the technical elements.  I have no doubt that my players will be super motivated. There have been better and worse moments during the season, but the team is situated in mid-May as leader of the Endesa League, having won the Super Cup and also in the Final Four".
Reyes: "We're very happy with the work during the last few years, in which we have played seven of nine Final Fours. We're also very happy for our fans. You have to enjoy the moment and try to do your best to achieve the goal of lifting the title. Any opponent in a Final Four is difficult and CSKA makes it even harder, but we faced each other last year and got the victory. We will go out to play our basketball and play hard to try to beat them. We have a very important match this weekend and with the support of the fans everything is easier, sure that we will not fail".
Llull: "The team is very excited and we're going to give one hundred percent. We'll have to play very well to win on Friday. It's a new game, a semifinal, and both teams know each other well. It's going to be a very even and competitive match. We know what we have to do and we have prepared for the match very well. Mentally I’m in good shape, confident and optimistic. We know that we must take the last step and that it's a great opportunity to continue making history. We're going to fight for it".

Llull: "It's a great opportunity to continue making history".

"I want to thank the fans for their support on a day-to-day basis, without them this wouldn’t be possible. We promise to give everything on the court".
Rudy: "We are looking forward to the Final Four and live again what we experienced last year. This type of opportunities isn’t for everyone and to have been in seven Final Fours in nine years is something I didn’t expect when I arrived at Madrid. They are opportunities we have to take and one of them is in Vitoria this year".
Randolph: "It's going to be a very difficult battle. We have to go out very strong to win the tournament twice in a row. It’ll be the same as last year, but more intense, they will go very hard on us. The possibility of winning two Euroleagues in two years is incredible for the team and for me".
Tavares: "We're going to give out all to try to do our best. I'm surrounded by great players, very high class. I try to improve everything and compete at the limit to help my teammates. The intention is to be aggressive and go for everything. We need the positive energy that the fans always give us, we hope to make them happy".
Ayon: "We know that we're playing the season in one game. Being tuned in and mentally strong is super important on Friday. We already know all the players, a couple of months ago we played against them. In order to win the Final Four you need the help of all the players and each one contributes his bit".
Campazzo: "Playing for Real Madrid is a great responsibility and we are used to that. We have to continue on the same path. The Final Four against CSKA will be difficult. I feel very good and very confident. Without my teammates I wouldn’t play like I'm doing now and I hope that it stays the same. There is anxiety, nerves and, as the days go by, it’s difficult to avoid it. We're always thinking about the first game".
Carroll: "It's best to enjoy the game and I always try to convey that on the court. You have to do things right on Friday, understanding that the team is important. With that attitude we will succeed. It's a very demanding calendar and we're now coming into the most beautiful part of the whole year. We hope all the fans are there, we will fight and go for it".


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