La Fundación Real Madrid y la Fundación Diunsa inauguran una escuela en La Ceiba

The Real Madrid Foundation and Fundación Diunsa open new school in La Ceiba

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NEWS | 11/04/2019

Emilio Butragueño went to the opening of the new project in Honduras.
The Real Madrid Foundation and their collaborator in Honduras, Fundación Diunsa, have opened the socio-sporting school Formando Campeones in La Ceiba. The event happened at the municipal gymnasium José Simón Azcona, where the school is, and Emilio Butragueño, the director of Institutional Relations for Real Madrid; Mario Faraj, president of the Fundación Diunsa; Jerry Sabio, mayor of La Ceiba; Guillermo Kirkpatrick, ambassador for Spain in Honduras; and Monsignor Miguel Lenihan.

The project will help 100 children this season, as they will learn values through football and basketball, they will be fed, and will learn English and information technology.
Butragueño talked of his pride in the Real Madrid Foundation's work along with the Fundación Diunsa and said it always a pleasure to visit the country, with whom there is such a bond of friendship. With the project in La Ceiba, over 400 children are being helped throughout the three schools running in ​Honduras.

The project will help 100 children this season.

Mario Faraj, president of the Fundación Diunsa, said: “We have always believed in this city, its people and the importance of strengthening our presence here, with social projects that help our youth”. Jerry Sabio, municipal mayor of La Ceiba, thanked both foundations for their interest in boosting the social development of the city and reaffirmed his hopes to remain involved in the project.
Alliance with the Fundación Diunsa
The Real Madrid Foundation and the Fundación Diunsa signed a collaboration in September 2011 to develop socio-sporting schools in Honduras. In March 2012, Emilio Butragueño went to the opening of the San Pedro Sula school, which currently helps over 200 children. In March 2014, they started the second project, this time in Tegucigalpa, it helps 100 children.
Both foundations contribute to the integral education of infants and youths in Honduras who are at risk of social exclusion by means of training in values and sports. This is combined with medical check-ups, English and information technology classes, psychosocial help and meals.