Laso: "We made some changes in defense in the second half and were more accurate on our shooting"

"We managed to assert our tempo after the break", noted Yusta.
Pablo Laso and Santi Yusta spoke to the press to reflect on Real Madrid's 94-70 victory over Obradoiro, with the Whites' boss highlighting the team's second-half performance: "We were more accurate, we made some changes in defense and were able to run. I want to congratulate the team because we managed to do a lot of good things, find the spaces, make blocks and perform consistently. However, the playoff series against Panathinaikos will be completely different".

"We knew that Obradoiro would open the court a lot, that they had some very tall players and some fine shooters. They showed some great accuracy on shooting in the first half and, despite everything, I still felt as if we were putting in a good performance".

Second half
"We'd allowed 11 triples in the first two quarters and if they'd have gone on to net another 11 it would have been an ACB record and we had to step things up. The second half was a different story"

Llull's absence
"I would like him to be available, of course, but I see the others as being in good shape. The team continues to improve after 70-odd games with a high percentage of wins. We're now at the business end of the season and the team is aware of that, but all of our work isn't just about what happens over the next two months. I see the team as being ready to take on the challenge".

Laso: "I see the team as being ready to take on the challenge of playing Panathinaikos".

"I'm really happy with Prepelic, he plays in a difficult position at number 1 or 2. He trains really well and we've never had any doubts about him. I'm relaxed about Campazzo. I'm not concerned whether he plays well, I'm just worried about the whole team playing well".

Yusta: "We're really confident"
"Games are all about the tempo and we managed to assert ours in the second half, gradually gaining an advantage and finding our feet. We're really confident and are playing and defending very well and that'll be key for the series against 

"We were fully focused on the Obradoiro game and its now all about the EuroLeague playoff series. We have to recover properly for those games and give our all".