Encuentro Marcelo y Ricardo Gómez Mahou

Marcelo: “Getting here is not enough, then it's about giving it your all for this badge"

NEWS | 14/03/2019

The Brazilian ace joined actor Ricardo Gómez at the 'Encuentro Cinco Estrellas' event organised by Mahou.
Marcelo has joined actor Ricardo Gómez at the Encuentro Cinco Estrellas event run by Mahou. Real Madrid's vice-captain described how it felt to be given the armband: "I've been a captain for the last six years. It fills me with great pride and is a huge responsibility. We're taksed with taking the Real Madrid name to the pinnacle of the game, always, but I love it".

"Every player who comes in is always welcomed warmly by the rest. There's a real togetherness, we're a family. Since I arrived here, they've taught me to respect others. I've been here a long time now and we've seen lots of people come and go but there's always that united front and a great atmosphere. You can feel the new guys' surprise when they realise they're playing for Real Madrid. Getting here is not enough, then it's about giving it your all for this badge".

"Cibeles always brings back great memories for me. It helps the people feel close to the players and to Real Madrid. The last few times, it's been a really kind gesture by Sergio Ramos to take me up there with him. I've got so many wonderful memories of draping the scarf over the statue in Cibeles. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time I pass through".

The fans' support
"The toughest time for me is prior to the pre-match talk. It's nerve-racking for those ten or fifteen minutes. But when you see the people, you get that extra motivation and you have to respond by giving everything you've got".

Vinicius Jr. is a wonderful player, he wants to learn everything there is to learn.

"Vinicius has played for a year in Brazil at 16. He comes here a bit more mature than he was, but I help him out whenever I can. He's a great kid, he soaks everything up, he wants to learn everything there is to learn and he's practising his Spanish because he wants to speak properly. You can tell he's a kid with real desire and I love to see that. If you're helping someone who's not interested, it's a waste of time, but it's different with him".

His idol
"Roberto Carlos has always been my idol and in my opinion he's still the greatest of all time. He really helped me when I arrived. I came into a place where my idol was playing in my position and he really looked out for me, he used to drive me home and that's not normal in football".

His first goal, and his most memorable one
"My first goal came against Sporting de Gijón. It was special because I'd already had loads of shots and played many games. I kept getting close but I hadn't felt what it was like to score a goal for Real Madrid. It was an incredible day. My son Enzo was about to be born and I dedicated the goal to him. The goal I celebrated most and which I most enjoyed was the one I scored from the penalty spot for La Undécima. That was the one which released the most built-up tension".