Real Madrid - Ajax

​Carvajal: "Ajax were the better side and deserved to go through"

NEWS | 05/03/2019 | Bárbara Jiménez

"We're out of what's our competition, we were the kings and know just how tough that was", declared Nacho.
In the aftermath of the team's Champions League last 16 second-leg clash, Dani Carvajal reflected on the tie in the following terms: "I don't think that I've ever felt so upset, I don't know how to explain it. Everything has slipped away from us in the space of a week and all here at home. We can't go looking for excuses tonight, Ajax came here and played their game, were the better side and deserve to go through".

"It's never easy coming into a game on the back of two defeats against Barcelona at home. We approached the match focused on putting in a good performance and winning, but two mistakes left us 2-0 down. We made a good start to the second half, but they then killed us off".
End of an era
"That's not how I see it. We've got a young squad in which there's room for improvement, but the season is virtually over for us now. We'll fight for the La Liga title until the very end because you've got to be professional. We need to stand up and be counted, not hide and recognise that we've had a dismal season. That's the truth".
Nacho: "We have to roll with the punches"
"We’re distraught, we’ve not been at the races this season, we’ve got no titles left to fight for. We’ve been knocked out of what's our competition, we were the kings and know just how tough that was. We’re men, we have to roll with the punches".


“We have a good squad, we should be fighting for more titles, more than what we’ve been fighting for. We weren’t all up to the required level. It's a tough moment, it's complicated, we’re Madrid and we have to pick ourselves up straight away”.
The fans
“The fans are there for us win or lose, they suffer as much as we do, but we’re only human, we’re distraught. We’re men and we need to get over nights like these. Ajax performed excellently, both here and over in Amsterdam. We have to congratulate our opponents and simply thank the fans for their support".