Rueda de prensa de Solari

Solari: "We approach the game with humility and the same spirit we did our most recent games"

NEWS | 12/02/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Ámsterdam)

"We have regard and respect for Ajax, a big club that's currently performing very well", he added.
Santiago Solari addressed the press gathered inside the media room at the Johan Cruyff Arena on the eve of his side's Champions League round of 16 first-leg clash (Wednesday, 9pm CET). The Real Madrid boss previewed the encounter against Ajax in the following terms: "I'm aiming for us to produce a performance that's just as disciplined as the one we saw two days again. That aim is one that the players share because football is all about building things day to day. We approach the game with humility and the same spirit as we did our most recent games".

"We've got great memories of this stadium. After that Champions League win (the club's seventh European Cup title) came many more titles and let's hope that this game continues that trend. We have regard and respect for what's a big club that's currently performing well".

"I don't think that they're going through a bad patch, I don't agree with that. They're having a good season and they're a side with some very good players that link up well. You've got to respect all of your opponents because they'll have deserved to win their games".

Team's current form
"That's what this profession is like. When you lose, everything is doom and gloom and when you win, all's well. Those of us who are on the inside just focus on competing and tomorrow we have our next game. That's where our focus lies because it's an important match. That's the way  us coaches and players see things and it's good that that's how it is".

This historic Real Madrid side bears the mark of Sergio Ramos's character.

"Sergio Ramos is a marvellous character and is massively competitive, it's no coincidence that he's made so many appearances. This historic Real Madrid side bears the mark of his character and let's hope that we're able to continue to enjoy watching him for many more games to come".

"He's a great player and is our vice-captain. He's a club icon and he always puts Real Madrid before everything else. He's training really well, just like the rest of the players. We all love him and he always trains with a smile on his face".
Reguilón & Vinicius Jr.
"I'm convinced that every member of our squad is ready to play in any game".

"They're all important: the fitness coaches, the medical staff, the physios and everyone else who works with us and helps us with a lot of different things, including your colleagues from the media department. Everyone tries to do the best possible job in their particular fields so that the players feel as comfortable as they possibly can. Everyone has to claim a bit of credit, but the biggest credit goes to the players, they're the ones who put their heart and soul into it".