Training Session | 07/02/2019 | Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Helios de la Rubia

Real Madrid start preparations for the derby

The team have just finished training at Real Madrid City in preparation for the derby match against Atlético at the Wanda Metropolitano, corresponding to LaLiga match day 23 (4:15pm CET). The players who started in the Copa Clásico undertook a recovery session. Lucas VázquezKeylor Navas and Kroos also ran out on the pitch.

Solari called on the Real Madrid Castilla player Javi Sánchez and the Under-19s goalkeeper Altube in a session that started in the gymnasium. After that, the players focussed on possession and pressing before playing matches on a reduced size pitch. Luca continued his recovery process.

Solari called on the Real Madrid Castilla player Javi Sánchez and the Under-19s goalkeeper Altube.